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Love Letter

09 August, 2021 - 3 min read

Nice to meet you, my favorite music
I’ve been thinking for a long time
I want you to listen to something
(I have something to tell you)

It’s a little embarrassing
Something I’ve been thinking for a long time
I’ve put it in a letter like this
(May you receive it)

At any time
Just listening to your words and voice
The power comes to me

Hey, I want to keep laughing at any time
But there are some spicy, dark and painful days
But just by feeling you
I can notice this world becomes like a colorful flower blooming

Laughing and crying at any time
I can choose it at any time
What kind of you will I meet today?
Keep resounding until the day when this world ends

I always ask for you
(Even when I want to start dancing or when it seems like my feelings will explode)
I was saved, I was supported
(My heart is moved. My heart is filled.)
Hey, I want to feel you more
I want you to stay with me forever
You, who I love so much
May you resound forever

So many feelings
Feelings packed tightly
I wonder if they can be properly communicated to you?

What if I didn’t meet you?
So scary just to think about it, because I like you so much

Ah, accept my words

Laughing and crying
I’m walking forever on these kind of days
There are a lot of spicy, dark and painful days
But this world is full of music anytime, anywhere

What should I do when I feel uneasy in front of certain things or in front of the future?
Sometimes I don’t understand and get lost
I’m sure if you will be there even in such a case
I can certainly face it

Something that makes me feel like this
Something that makes me think like this
I’m sure, it’s music
(There is no substitute for it)...

Please don’t stop resounding for a thousand years
Ah, thank you so much

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